Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spoiling the puppies!

Last night Rob and I went to hang out with our friends Alex and Stacie. It was a lot of fun, but secretly Stacie and I had a misison - - to make a dog bed for Eve. Since Eve had destroyed her last one, she has been sleeping on some blankets on the floor, but they don't quite compare to a soft, padded dog bed. So, I bought some fleece last weekend and some stuffing, and Stacie helped me make a dog bed for me (Ok, so Stacie did all the sowing, while I watched... yeah for talented friends!) We got home that night, and Eve was SO happy to lie in her new bed! (and SO sleepy from playing for a few hours with Anthony!)

And we the humans also had a good time hanging out, eating some more delicious bbq, and watching a movie.

Eve loves her new bed -- last night she slept like a rock, and since Rob and I were up kind of late last night, we didn't put her to bed until 1am. And then she slept on her new bed until 10AM!!!! Oh my goodness! I was expecting her up at 7:15 with an empty stomach as usual, but when I woke up I couldn't believe the clock. What a good dog! (and a marvelous dog bed!)


  1. She looks comfortable and happy! Glad to hear that she loves her new bed! and 10am...WOW I wish Anthony would do that!