Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Temples are all over.... We went to a famous one, the Longshan temple (soon to be seen on the Bachelorette) and to some more local ones! They are very beautiful!


Well, I can certainly say we are having an adventure, and thank goodness it is
A relatively smooth adventure. Probably the most adventurous portion is the food -- I love the new fruits, and we've tried some "interesting" foods like blood squares and lantern fish liver..... Mmmm, tasty! And of course the green tea kit Kay!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vigo's all grown up

Vigo is all grown up and goes back on the puppy truck next month! I can't believe it -- where does the time go?

I had a chance to say goodbye to him and show him lots of love. He also of course enjoyed seeing Irene. They had a lot of fun together -- she acted just like a little (annoying) sister to him.

I put them both on tie down, but Irene thought it would be more fun to jump straight vertically in the air to try to get my attention (or maybe get Vigo's attention- as you can see, she is looking at him, not me). At least she wasn't barking ;)

"I'm so excited that Vigo's here that I can't control myself...."

And of course I had to take some photos of Vigo just like I did when he was a puppy. But now he is all grown up...such a handsome dog!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Irene the Retriever

As you just read, we spent the weekend in Estes for the Great Duck Race. While we were there, we learned something new about Irene -- she loves the water!! We kind of knew that already, because she loves jumping in the shower when it is on, and she likes the sprinklers too, but this was a whole new level...

We introduced her to the creek where the ducks were floating down... boy was she excited to jump in -- that's my puppy, little fearless Irene!

Mmmmm...Rubber Duckies!

Somebody had to help those ducks that got stuck along the way, and Irene volunteered. She'd pick them up in her mouth, and then we'd say "drop it" and she'd drop it back into the river. What a smart dog!

Got one!

She wasn't scared of the river, but she seemed to know not to go too far in... what a smart dog!

"This is so much fun guys!"
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

Oops, I've been terrible about updating the blog. So here goes, once again. Maybe some year I'll be able to update all year round!

Things have been very busy around here! First of all, my brother Ryan came back from Afghanistan last month!!!!!! It was a busy time preparing for him to come back, and flying out to celebrate his homecoming! What a blessing!

Then Rob's sister came into Denver, so we visted with her and celebrated Easter.

Then a friend of ours got married, and of course there were a few birthdays to celebrate in there...

And now Mother's Day! But I am so blessed that all of these things are going on in my life! I wouldn't want it any other way!

So starting at the end....
For Mother's Day we went up to Estes Park to see the Estes Park Duck Race. My mom had always wanted to see it, and since it fell on Mother's Day weekend it was the perfect time! Ryan and Rob and I and my parents all met in Estes for some beautiful mountain scenery and fresh air. The weather was gorgous!! We went to see the ducks be dropped into Fall River -- there were almost 6000 ducks!!!

Here are the ducks before they were dropped into the water! Some have sunglasses and some don't!

Who doesn't want their picture taken with a duck! A perfect Mother's day photo op...

The ducks as they fall into the water! Go duck go!

A lot of them would get stuck along the side -- there were helpers to 'free' the ducks, including my dad and as you will see in the next post, Irene :)

These poor ducks were stuck while other ducks raced past them....
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