Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Irene the Retriever

As you just read, we spent the weekend in Estes for the Great Duck Race. While we were there, we learned something new about Irene -- she loves the water!! We kind of knew that already, because she loves jumping in the shower when it is on, and she likes the sprinklers too, but this was a whole new level...

We introduced her to the creek where the ducks were floating down... boy was she excited to jump in -- that's my puppy, little fearless Irene!

Mmmmm...Rubber Duckies!

Somebody had to help those ducks that got stuck along the way, and Irene volunteered. She'd pick them up in her mouth, and then we'd say "drop it" and she'd drop it back into the river. What a smart dog!

Got one!

She wasn't scared of the river, but she seemed to know not to go too far in... what a smart dog!

"This is so much fun guys!"
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