Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holi Celebration

We are lucky to have some Indian friends who introduce us to all sorts of new cultural experiences. One of these such experiences was to celebrate Holi... Divya hosted a Holi celebration. In India, Holi is celebrated by people throwing colored powder and colored water at each other. The colored water can last for 2 days on your skin, and so we told Divya we just wanted to use the dry colored power which brushes off.

We helped Divya by hosting the party at the gazebo across from our house. It was a beautiful spring day, with the sun shining and just a little breeze.

Divya started by pouring out the colors....
And then he started going around and putting it on people... since he and his wife were the only people who knew what they were doing, we were all a little cautious -- we didn't wear clothes that we wanted to get ruined. Although Divya assured us it would come off no problem ;)
Soon everybody was partaking in the coloring -- although we were still modest compared to Divya's standards -- he said that the group of 15 of us went through as much powder as one person would use in India. Apparently they throw it by the handfuls at you.... if you are curious, there was a funny show about it on "Outsourced" on NBC. You can watch it at
Divya looks for more willing victims... "Come on guys!"
Love the color on Rob :)

Irena and Bogdan arrived late, so they got the full attention :)
Bogdan pretending to be mad, although he was having fun :)
The color was really soft in your hands -- it felt like flour and kind of just dissolved....
Our hosts, Divya and Priti
Jessica eyes the crowd...
Gabe and Eileen -- is there something on my face?
The coloured crowd! Happi Holi
The festivities continue as the color gets used!
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