Saturday, June 4, 2011

More food

So the dining adventure continues....

After Sun Moon Lake we went south to the city of Tainan. It has a lot of historical landmarks which I can post later. One of the other 'local' things we did was go to a night market. There was this empty lot and in about 30 minutes it transformed into a crowded market filled with vendors, shoppers, sounds and smells.

This was the mist adventurous food yet. We tried all sorts of things, including one bite of chicken feet, pictured below. We also tried stinky tofu (smells really stinky), oyster omelette tortillas, wheat grass juice, octopus, and more. I think I am all adventured out for now.

On a less adventurous note we've tried some delicious bows (pronounced like boughs). They are delicious dumplings like things.

And we ate other sweet things including lots of pearl teas, ice cream in a croissant and ice cream, peanuts, and cilantro in a tortilla.

Alice's relatives also made delicious tamales for the dragon boat festival. See below.

Alice eats a fish cake... I'm done eating seafood for a bit!

And not so adventurous blueberry oreos....

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