Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling better

Last week was a rough one for our family--- Rob was sick with H1N1, and hence had a temperature all week and was sure that every night he was 'dying'. He tried going to the doctor, but they siad since he wasn't an 'at-risk' person, no medicine for him. But after a fever for a week, they gave him some antibiotics which finally seemd to break the fever .... alas, he has pulled through and is ready to start living life again! (besides the residual cough which will probably last for a while) Hooray! I am glad to have my husband back! And, the miracle is that I did not get sick myself!

Eve also had a rough week. I had to take Eve to the emergency vet on Friday night because I got home from work and BOTH her eyes were swollen. One was about the size of a ping pong ball --- I thought it was going to explode! It was scary! I rushed her to the vet, and they gave her some steriods and concentrated benadryl. Then that wasn't enough so 20 minutes later they gave her a second dose. Finally the swelling started to go away. They think it was probably a spider bite since the swelling was so severe. But by the next morning she was doing much better (still a little swollen, but much better). I had to give her benadryl for 2 more days, but now she is back to normal.

So, I think we've had our share of sickness and pet emergency room visits for 2010. Lets hope so!

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