Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vigo's First Outing

Looking back, last weekend was actually pretty busy :)

We took Vigo on his first real outing, since he had his shots last week. We took him on a hike up to Devil's Backbone, an interesting rock structure. We wanted to do a longer hike, but we thought that since Vigo was so little, we might as well keep it short. This was a good short hike, and although the day started out cloudy, the clouds soon split and the sun came out. It even got a little hot!

Vigo did great! As you can see here, he is smiling so much he almost looks like he is yawning ;)

We brought lots of water for Vigo, but his tongue was out the entire time regardless of if he just had a drink.
What a beautiful Colorado day! And it is so nice Vigo isn't too big to hold yet!
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