Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day

I learned something today --believe it or not, there is no federal holiday called "President's Day". No matter what you call it, many residents enjoyed the day off. This day is usually specifically remembering Washington's birthday. So in honor of whatever holiday this is, Rob and I put up our American flag today outside. Now we will be able to fly our flag to celebrate our great nation. God bless America!

As a result of this holiday, Rob and I had the day off so we spent a night in Estes Park. We had a lot of fun -- we ate delicious pizza with my parents (I'd recommend the Village Pizza in Estes, it was delish!), went ice skating on a frozen lake, and then played the PS3 games late into the night. It was great to just get away and relax... whenever we leave Estes it feels like we have had a longer vacation than just one night.

Hope you had a relaxing day wherever the day took you... I'm off to another week of work!

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