Monday, July 18, 2011


Irene is a handful. Or at least she can be at times. From the beginning she has been full of her own will and always a little on the mischevious side. Like tonight, we ate dinner outside, and Irene ran around with her Kong in her mouth in big circles in the backyard. But we weren't paying attention to her (so she thought) so she came within a foot of the table and started ripping grass up. As soon as I moved to stand up, she bolted and did about 20 laps in the backyard. Sigh. What am I to do with her?

To try to get some of that energy out the other day, I borrowed my neighbors dog jumping aparatus and Rob and I trained Irene to jump over the bar. She doesn't know a command or anything, but if we run with her, then about 75% of the time she'll at least try to jump over (the other 25% she veers around the pole and knocks it over).

Here are some of my favorite shots -- she was getting better all the time, and I think we all had a good time. The first few times we tried the bar was really low and she knocked it off every time, so at least she is getting better!

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  1. She sounds like a handful. Irvine and Izzy are them same way. Be careful about jumping, puppies should not jump until they are at least a year or more and their bones have fully grown. They can cause injuries to their joints otherwise.