Sunday, September 18, 2011

Date Night

Rob and I are going to try to do more date nights, starting now. This week we had 2 date nights -- a date on Monday to watch the Broncos lose (but it was still fun to watch), and then a date later in the week to go see "Annie The Sequel" at the Candlelight Dinner Theater.

It was a great show, but our date night was even more exciting because we brought Irene with us. Luckily we had a table to ourselves, becasue we didn't realize how nervous Irene would be with the loud music from the orchestra right in front of us, and all the dark objects moving on stage. The worst part was when everybody clapped, Irene would jump up and hit her head on the table. By the end of the show, Rob and I would cushion the table instead of clap and try to calm Irene down. other than that though, Irene did great (even wtih the real dog on stage!) and we were glad we brought her!

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  1. Date nights are so much fun! We do date nights once a week - on the same night each week. Unless something totally unavoidable comes up, nothing gets in the way of our dates :-) Have a great time!