Monday, May 31, 2010

Chambers Lake

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Thanks to all of our troops and all the hard work they do!

This weekend Rob and I had a great experience camping in the Poudre Canyon. I'll make a few more posts later, but here is one just in case you happen to check out my blog. I wish it was longer, but I need to go to bed! Too bad I have to work tomorrow!

On one of the days we were up in the mountains, we took a scenic drive with our friends. We ended up at Chambers Lake, which was still icy! It looks like it had been used in the winter for ice fishing. We were able to pull some very thin ice off the top of the lake and use it for artistic effects (as seen below!)

What a beautiful blue sky day!!! Especially compared to the day before (more details coming later!) I love the Colorado Mountains!!
The four of us did what everyone would do when faced with a partially frozen lake -- we threw rocks in and tried to see which ones would stay on top of the ice and which ones would break through... This one DEFINITELY broke through the ice -- and in doing so made quite a pretty picture!
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