Sunday, May 23, 2010

That time of year....

It's summer! Now typically everyone knows that summer brings heat, but for us it really brings the heat .... Eve went into heat for the 2nd time on Saturday... poor little Eve (and us!)... now she has to stay inside all the time unless she is in our backyard. I'm so thankful we have a nice big backyard for her to play in while I'm watching.

Since the weather was nice out this weekend, I did get some gardening done! I like gardening because it is so different from what I do during the week. And it is really just a miracle how much things grow and how beautiful flowers are!

These are some columbines that come up year after year.... I love the light on the petals that changes the color of the flower completely!

This was my big project today -- finishing the flower garden... Rob and I went to Lowes and bought 5 bags of mulch which I layed out around all the plants after weeding. I think it makes for a finely finished flower bed! I planted some more bulbs today, and I have planted Dahlias (my favorite, the big plate size ones), gladiolous, clematis, and of course some vegetables. I just saw that my asparagus are acutally growing, so I am excited about that!

Our other project for today was finding a spot for my hanging tomato plant. My neighbor has his on the side of his house, but considering they can weigh up to 70 lbs, Rob and I didn't want to take that risk. So Rob and I came up with this solution in the corner of our yard, using the fence for support! Thanks Rob for helping me! Maybe we'll have a lot of cherry tomatoes!! At least it gets sun!
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