Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Google Voice and Eve Update

Rob and I are planning an upcoming trip to New Zealand. It is one of those trips I've always wanted to do, and we figure that now might be a good time to do it! So we are busy planning. Luckily, we can do most things through the internet, but some things we cannot do and we must do by phone.

So today I called New Zealand using Google Voice. It is this neat application you can use with either a phone or a computer, and it only cost 2c a minute to call NZ! Very cool! It worked really smoothly! And, calls to the United States are free, so if we bring Rob's phone with us to New Zealand, we can call home for free as long as we can get wireless!

I miss having a dog this week, but I am looking forward to the phase report that comes out tomorrow! Last week Eve was in phase 6! I'm kind of surprised she made it this far, but now that she did, I think she can make it all the way! Good luck Eve! I'm hoping I can go see her graduate!

Here's a cute old picture of Eve, who's all grown up now ;)

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  1. Eve is doing great! I'm sure she is going to graduate! She is so close :)