Sunday, September 12, 2010

Greyrock Hike

Wow, is this Brianna's blog? For once, she has no dogs in her posts :)

Rob and I had the weekend Vigo free, so we decided to do a hike we've been wanting to do all summer. It was a hike in the Poudre Canyon called Greyrock. It was a beautiful day for a hike. This is Rob with Greyrock in the background. We actually hiked all the way to the summit -- if you go around back it is a gentler slope so you don't have to rock climb.

Overall, Rob and I would give this hike 2 thumbs down. Yes, it was pretty, but the trail was poorly marked. We got lost 3x.... one time we were definitely on 'a' trail, but then the trail just stopped. We spent at least an hour hiking around that area trying to find the trail. We even ran into another group who were doing the same thing. Finally we decided to backtrack, and after about 15 minutes we found where the trail had split and we had gone straight but the TRUE trail was a switchback. Ugh. How frustrating. Then on the way back down, we got lost again but we could see the trail in front of us, so we just kept going even though we were obviously not on the main trail.

Overall, I think we hiked over 8 miles (including our detour). We thought we'd be gone for a few hours, but instead we were gone for 8 including driving. And now we are tired and sore. But it was pretty and we made it!
Rob and I at the summit.
The view was nice at the top.... we could see smoke from a forest fire that just started this morning near Loveland. I hope they can get it under control soon!
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  1. Maybe that was the problem - you didn't have your seeing-eye dog with you! I'm sure Vigo would have seen the switchback :) Congrats for getting all the way up there.