Monday, August 3, 2009

Harvesting The Garden

Last year was the first year I really had a garden since it was the first year I really had a house. I really enjoyed it and this year I once again planted a garden.

I've been harvesting some sugar snap peas for quite a while now, getting a few here and there and snacking on them at work. But tonight I went out and harvested a lot of green beans. These all came from bush beans that I started from seed, planting them rather late (probably end of May). I got a whole big bowlful of beans from just the bush beans. And you can see from the picture below I also got 2 whole raspberries and 2 whole carrots. In fact, I didn't even plant any carrots this year or the year before, but they keep popping up. I'm pulling them like weeds.

This is the progress of my garden so far... in the bottom of the picture I have a flower garden, and then in the middle garden I have lots of peppers, watermelon, cucumbers, raspberries, and chives. Then in the back of the garden by the fence I have pole green beans, bush beans, more peppers, snap peas, and there are carrots scattered about. We have a strawberry plant too in another area of the yard.

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