Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eve vs the Bike

Our weekend toy!!! We got this neat dog carrier for Eve so we could take her out on bike rides with us. We are not supposed to run with her because her hips are still developing and we don't want to cause hip displaysia (sp?). So we bought this carrier specifically for dogs online.

This weekend was the first time we got the chance to try it out..

At first Eve didn't know quite what to make of it....she says, "Guys, I trusted you and you put me in here... please take me out...."
Another shot of Eve giving us a sad face. We try to tell her that it will be fun!

And we're off -- I snapped some shots while Rob rode ahead. We rode to a concert in a nearby park. It was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed the jazz music. I think Eve liked her first bike ride, although she never seemed quite to settle down. Amazingly enough in the below picture she is sitting, which was unusual.

Usually Eve liked to practice her surfing skills and stand and balance. This picture below she is staring at Rob. Rob did a great job driving slowly so Eve had a good time! We also took her in the carrier to church on Sunday.

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