Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wildlife in Estes

This weekend Rob and I went Estes again. I was hoping to see some big wildlife (like a bear), but no such luck. Although I did see some wild turkeys. I guess they are rather rare, so that was exciting. They didn't ever fluff up their feathers though -- I looked a little bit online, and it looks like the females have the black heads and males have red heads... maybe these were all males.

We also saw a beautiful blue-jay.
Although I didn't see any bears, I think I heard one at night -- I woke up at 4, and it sounded like someone was banging on a metal pan. My mom had said that the bears try to get into the dumpster. Next time I hear that I'm dragging Rob out of bed to go peek outside! I did look out the window but I didn't see anything!

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