Saturday, June 26, 2010

Puppy Truck

Friday was a big day for Eve as well as us. She went back on the puppy truck. Alex and Stacie and Rob and I all went down there.

Before we could put Eve on the puppy truck, they unloaded the little puppies off the truck. We will be co-raising our next puppy with Alex and Stacie. Originally we were going to wait a while before getting a new one, but I thought it might help me not be sad about Eve to have a new puppy around. So, here we are!

The puppy truck arrived and we got a new puppy named Vigo. Before we had to put Eve on the truck, we got a few photos of the Eve and Vigo meeting, as well as a family photo.

Saying goodbye to Eve -- I think I was prepared for the worst, but since Eve is such a happy and energetic dog, it wasn't as hard because I know she'll be happy wherever she is. The nice guys on the puppy truck were very thoughtful -- they said that they would take Eve into the hotel with them at night. She got a new bone on the truck and a few illegal treats, and off she went. She didn't look too sad to me, which made it much easier to leave.
Rob says his goodbyes. Eve says, "I'll miss you!"
Eve gets to meet Vigo for a few minutes.

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