Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tech Camp Party

On Friday Rob and I hosted the wonderful ladies and their familes of the Tech Camp over for a celebration of another successful camp. Rob and I don't do too much entertaining, so this was kind of a big deal for us.

It was so much fun though! It was a great group of people, with great food, and great weather. Rob was the expert grillman, cooking up some sirloin burgers and bbq chicken!

We all sat outside to eat because it was finally cooling down by the time we started eating! I've been working on the yard quite a bit (I put mulch by the tree as you can see in the picture)
The kids had fun playing with Eve.... who doesn't love Eve, really? :)
Eve especially had fun with this little boy -- she was strong enough that when he laid on the ground, she could pull him around! She just had a blast!

And, as an awesome surprise, my team made me a present! I was so touched, especially by the card and the though that went into it. They made a real money tree out of bills (I can't tell if they are $100 or $1 -- maybe you can tell from the picture :)) It is a REALLY creative idea, and it was done really well. And the rocks in the pot are all these polished rocks from around Colorado and Wyoming. I felt so touched and lucky to have such a nice group of people in my life!

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