Friday, July 31, 2009

Ladies Night

Tonight I went to a Ladies Night at one of my friends house. This is something that a group of us like to do about once a month at different houses. Usually we all bring some food and just get together and visit and chat about life. This time was no exception.. we had a good Mexican meal including margaritas and some great chats.

Something new we did this time was incorporate a jewelry show into the festivities. My friend invited her friend to show us this very nice jewlery she was selling as a side business. At first I was pretty skeptical, because I just never like buying things in this sort of fashion, with shows and what not. But I did have a good time, although I resisted buying anything. There was a pretty good sale going on, where most of the prices were 1/2 off, so it made the jewlery a lot more affordable.

One thing that did suprise me though was how many people actually bought jewlery! Of the 8 of us there, probably 5 people bought jewlery, and each purchase was over 50 dollars.

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