Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So today I was looking at my friends photo's of the triathalon, found on SmugMug. This led me to look at the photos of the day:

Wow, was I ever impressed! Ok, so some of them maybe I could do, but a few really caught my attention. I do love taking pictures of flowers, so I clicked on some pictures of flowers, and low and behold one of them was taken at the Gardens at Spring Creek, which Rob and I had been to the other week. At first I thought it must be some other gardens, because there is no way I could take a picture like that... but lo and behold, this guy was from Colorado! Fort Collins to be exact. If you want to see some great photograpy, look at Steve Barge's photos on SmugMug,

I think I 'want' 3 things right now:
1) Photography class
2) Photoshop skills
3) A better camera

I'll have to work on these....

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