Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So tonight I was shopping at Lowe's, picking up some items for the house... I was standing there thinking of what to buy when low and behold, a woman and man came around the corner. But this was not an ordinary couple -- alongside the woman was a guide dog, AND, the dog was part of Guide Dogs for the Blind! I was flabbergasted as I have never seen a working guide dog before in Fort Collins! And of course I had Eve by my side, which made for 2 guide dogs in Lowe's at the same time.

I was proud of Eve -- she just sat there while I talked with this nice couple. (When I say that she sat there, she sat there for a few minutes and then started creeping slowly on her stomach towards the other dog, which was laying on the ground facing Eve) :) But for being only 6 months old, she did great! I thought it was really motivating to be able to talk to this woman who is using a guide dog -- it was her 2nd guide dog and it was named Dexter I think. I hope Eve can grow up and be a guide dog, but if she doesn't make it, we'll love her anyways!

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