Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little Miracle

I'm in a recreational softball league with work. Tonight we had a game after work -- typically we play on Tues/Wed but since today was Thursday, we were down a few players and only had enough to make an entire team with no subs. I brought Eve to the game anyways, because it was better than sitting in her kennel. I tied her up to the bench where she couldn't get into any trouble.

Typically I like playing 1st base, but tonight we all played different positions. So I initially went to third. 3rd was on the opposite side of the field from our dugout. During the first few innings, Eve was great -- she just sat there and watched all of us. But then in the third inning, I moved to right field. During this inning Eve went to the end of her leash and started licking/eating things off the ground. I had checked the ground earlier, so I knew there was nothing bad around, but I suspected she was just eating the gravel, which is not good anyways. But I figured it would be too distracting if I yelled all the way from the outfield. So I thought of sending Eve telepathic thoughts, but to no luck. And then I thought, "Well God could help me!". So, not really thinking too much about it, I casually asked God to make Eve stop eating whatever she was munching on. And about 10 seconds later, this little girl comes wandering over to our dugout (which Eve was at all alone), and walks straight over to Eve to pet her. Of course as soon as Eve sees the girl walking toward her, she stops licking/eating the ground and goes to see the girl.

Think what you may, but God works in mysterious ways! Even in little miracles...

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